My First Wife Got Me Three Other Wives – Emir Of Kanam

Emir of Kanam, Alhaji Muhammad Mua’zu Muhammad, in a new interview talked about his experience on the throne, how his first wife got him three other wives. 
Here are excerpts from the interview Punch's James Abraham had with the 46-year-old Emir of Kanam;
How did you meet your first wife?
It was when I was almost graduating that my father called me and said I was going to get married. I told him I did not have any girlfriend and he told me not to worry because they had got one for me. Fortunately, the person in question is my dad’s cousin and she became my first wife. And she was the one that married the other three wives for me. You may be interested in knowing how I married them as well. When I became the Emir of Kanam, my first wife told me she could not move into the big palace without another woman there as my second wife. And I told her again that I didn’t have a girlfriend. She told me she had one for me. And I said if it was fine by her, then it was fine by me too. That was how I married my second wife. My third wife came in here to greet the family and my first wife saw her. Again, she came to me and said, ‘Your Royal Highness, I have seen another one that is to your taste’. I said she should go ahead and talk to her. She is from Kaduna. And my last wife is my cousin’s sister.
What did you see in your first wife that you liked when you first saw her?
There was nothing I could mention except to say that she was a perfect choice made for me by my father. That was it. I obeyed and there has never been any regret for obeying his choice of marriage for me. Even if there is an issue, it will be from the ones I married after I became the Emir but I tackle the challenges as they come by doing the best (I can do), accommodating them, and asking them to correct themselves. The mother of my first wife is the younger sister of the late Emir whom I succeeded. My father is the son of the late Emir. Everything about her is attractive; she is obedient, so loving, caring and submissive. She is the best wife any man can have because I have never had any complaint about her. I married her in 1998. My first child with her is now 19 years old.

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