City Officials In Philadelphia Introduce Resolution Declaring R. Kelly Unwelcomed

R Kelly might want to rethink about appearing in the city of Philadelphia.
It looks like a resolution has been created in support of the #MuteRKelly movement.
City Councilwoman Helen Gym has officially announced a bill in light of the controversy stemming from the "Surviving R. Kelly" documentary on Lifetime, where survivors came forth about their traumatic experiences.
The resolution is supported by City Council members Blondell Reynolds Brown and Cherelle L. Parker in addition to Gym.
The goal is to remedy the “decades of silence surrounding” Kelly’s alleged sexual abuse of teenage girls as young as the age of 13, and deny the “Ignition” singer a public platform to continue his career.
While this doesn’t directly ban R. from Philadelphia, Helen notes that it is a “public declaration” that he is not welcomed.

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