Buhari APC Broom Failed To Sweep Away Corruption - International Journalist

Fanny Facsar an international journalist with DW News is poised to cover the 2019 presidential election in Nigeria.

Fanny Facsar was at the APC giant broom at Abuja city gate and talked about the inability of the APC broom to sweep away corruption in Nigeria.

She wrote:

"It was put up shortly before the election. The broom has always been a symbol of the APC party. President Buhari’s party. A symbol of the promise to sweep away corruption. But that did not happen. Follow our election coverage with @adriankriesch @FlourishChukwur #NigeraDecides"

"You would say Buhari swept away corruption? Unfortunately his efforts failed. That doesn’t mean it cannot be tackled ...but question of strategy."

Fanny Facsar @FannyFacsar is an International Correspondent with DW News, WestAfrica Correspondent based in Nigeria.

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