5 Businesses You Can Start With N50,000 In 2019

Nigeria is going to emerge as one of the strongest economic country in Africa but the only problem is that it has not been well managed by the government for many years. Nevertheless, people are still becoming millionaires daily from a simple business idea. Most of the millionaires in Nigeria all started with a small capital and today they are the big names all over Africa. This gives Nigerians and Africans the belief that it is possible to start a milti-million business today. In the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.

Many have been asking but which type of business can I start with N50,000?

Please see below five types of business you can start in 2019 with the help of Perfect Pitch Business Start-Up by Nija Box

1. Recharge Card Business
2. Popcorn Production Business
3. Sales of CD/DVD’S Business
4. Shawama/Barbecue Business
5. Fast Food Business

1.Recharge card printing business can turn you into a rich person. Since the importation of recharge card was banned by olusegun obasanjo in 2004, Nigerians has been making money every month making and distributing recharge cards in their area, because recharge card business is a fast business in Nigeria today, knowing that almost every citizens are using mobile phone today, some are even using two, it is clear that billions of Nigerians are buying recharge cards every day.

2. Pop Corn Business : Getting a popcorn machine and producing popcorn is also a viable business idea, the machine goes for about 45000 naira, all you need is corn, butter and sugar, that’s all! you got yourself a business!!!

3. Sales of CD/DVD’s Business : If you don’t like Nigerian movies, I am sure you like American Hollywood movies, how about Indian, Chinese and Philippines movies? uhumm. This is a money-spinning business, but some people thought there is nothing there. Do you know how much those movies you buy for 150 naira are been sold to the retailers? In case you don’t know, their counting price is 30 Naira each in Alaba market.

4. Shawama/Barbecue Business: This business is viable and you only need to know how to make shawarma and barbecue, you need to buy a grilling machine and get the shawarma ingredients, employ an expert and find a lucrative location (like an hotel) and that is all…no close monitoring (as your materials must be exacted at a certain proportion to equate a certain number), there is minimum risk, and there is huge profit potential, if you have the money, start this business.

5. Fast Food Business : You can find a good location and set up a fast food joint, all you need is a kiosk, a stove, and your cooking materials (oil, kerosene, spoon,etc) and that’s all!, you can be cooking noodle, frying eggs, making teas, etc,
you can be assured that you are going to be smiling home always, in the business, location is the name of the game, you need to find a good spot that is domestic, and also you need to know the risk involved, and the practices of that location you want to set up your business, and you are on track to profit, it’s profitable however, it needs to be closely monitored and it usually needs the presence of the owner.

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