Man Drowned Wife At Caribbean Sea During Honeymoon To Inherit Her Estate(Pics)

* British-Australian sailor Lewis Bennett has pleaded guilty to killing his wife Isabella Hellman, 41, as they were on their honeymoon in May 2017.

* He's accused of intentionally sinking the ship they were sailing on in Bahamas.

* Prosecutors have released photos of the ship's opened escape hatches and the damaged hull that could have sunk it.

* FBI believe he intentionally killed her to inherit her estate.

* He was rescued by the Coast Guard on a liferaft with all his posessions.

* He claimed his wife went missing when the ship took on water

* He pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in deal with prosecutors.

* Bennett's sentencing is scheduled for Tuesday January 29 in Miami.

New photos reveal how a British sailor murdered his wife while on their honeymoon in the Caribbean by intentionally sinking the small ship they were on.

British-Australian man Lewis Bennett has pleaded guilty to killing his new wife Isabella Hellman, 41, at sea and prosecutors are now seeking a maximum sentence.

Prosecutors have released photos of the damage Bennett allegedly inflicted on the ship in an effort to sink it and make Hellman's death look like a tragic accident.

The FBI have accused him of intentionally sinking the ship in a bid to inherit his wife's estate.

The horrific plot unfolded on May 15, 2017 when Bennett allegedly opened escape hatches and damaged the twin hulls of a catamaran he and Hellman were travelling on during their honeymoon.

The Coast Guard pictured above finding the vessel (underwater on the right) Bennett allegedly deliberately sunk in a bid to kill his new wife to inherit her estate.

A giant hole is pictured on the side of the boat the couple were traveling in when Isabella Hellman drowned in May 2017.

Escape hatches located at the bottom of the couple's catamaran were found wide open in pictures taken by the U.S. Coast Guard after the vessel sunk

According to FBI, the ship's portholes below the waterline of the vessel had been opened and the damage on the ship was inflicted from the inside.

After the two went out sailing, the vessel then sank and Bennett made an SOS call saying the boat called Surf into Summer was sinking and his wife was missing.

He claimed the ship struck an unknown object while he in a cabin inside the vessel. When he came up he did not see Hellman and the ship was taking on water.

He was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard between Cuba and the Bahamas and was found on a life raft stuffed with his luggage, stolen silver coins, and provisions.

Hellman's body was never found and Bennett claimed he had no idea what happened to her and suspected she was swept off the ship and into the sea when it submerged.

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