Cardi B Denies Suing Quality Control Management Over NYC Incident

Is this another case of “fake news”? There were reports that Cardi B was suing Pierre "Pee" Thomas and Kevin "Coach K" Lee’s Quality Control over an alleged physical encounter involving a so-called "freelance autograph hound" last May.
However, Cardi took to Instagram to deny she filed a lawsuit against her management company and the label home of her husband Offset. In a now-deleted post, the hitmaker wrote, “BIG F*CKIN LIES. wow! This is sooo scary who come up with this? Don’t ya know we family! Anyways TWERK record is #29 on billboards and Offset album coming soon and is beautiful."
The legal drama stems from Giovanni Arnold claiming Cardi and Offset’s bodyguards attacked him outside the Mark Hotel in New York City. Arnold sued the couple and the establishment. The Mark Hotel then counter-sued and attempted to put the blame solely on the “Money” rapstress and the Migos member.

Plus, Complex reports:
In court documents obtained by Complex, Cardi made a cross-claim indemnifying herself against the claims and shifting responsibility to Quality Control and the hotel. No suit was filed against QC. In layman's term, Cardi is denying liability in the cross-claim and does not plan to pay if the court sides with the plaintiff.
When an IG user asked Cardi why she doesn’t let the public “just believe what they wanted instead of proving points,” the Bronx native shot back. Cardi replied, “cause that would make successful independent business owners look janky over something that ain’t true. You ever Hurd 2 black men owning a successful label then people try to tarnish with lies and bring conflict in the family? That’s why b*tch.”

Pee of Quality Control called the reports "fake news" and slammed blogs that ran the story. Cardi co-signed the CEO's statement by commenting, "The hunger for click baits is at its all time high."

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