‘I am the best rapper in Nigeria’ , Yung6ix declares on Twitter


Last year, M.I crowned Yung6ix as the rap ‘King of the South’, a year later, the young yet-to-debut rapper is claiming to be better than the Choc Boy and every other rapper in Nigeria…
Yung6ix, a talented budding MC declared his new self acclaimed status on Twitter today (August 31, 2013); ‘I am the Best Rapper in Nigeria , if you have an opposing Opinion , now is the Best time to keep it to yourself #Controlstateofmind‘.
Obviously inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s recent declaration as being the ‘King of New York‘ and all the controversy it’s brought, Yung6ix is probably looking to spin some contention around himself.
Earlier this year, he took a swipe at a Benin-based rapper Cyrus tha Virus after the latter contested his (Yung6ix) claim to being the rap ‘King of the South’.
Yung6ix is signed to Storm 360. He says he will be releasing his debut album in 2013.