Dj Tee Stabbed Fan

One of most sought after music video directors, DJ Tee who is known for videos like Hakym The Dream’ Lamba, Olamide’s “Omo toh Shan” and “Eni Duro” to mention a few…

Dj Tee as popularly known today, stabbed a teenager, 19yrs to be precise at the Daily Times Factory in Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria… Although reasons for his act is still unknown; as the multi-award video director didn’t respond to questions.
An eye witness sent this to US.

“Therez this Malcolm guy, an upcoming artiste that was shooting his video today. My family friends (Mobo) and her brothers(Tolani Aka T.L.I and Dolapo), and I arranged girls from unilag to help shoot the musical video. When they were about shooting the video, those
of us who weren’t gonna appear in d video were asked to leave the area so the camera doesn’t pick us. Dolapo
n Tolani were to appear in the video so they stayed. Dolapo’s girlfriend wanted to part with him when DJ TEE rudely asked her to GET OUT!!! He started
screaming at her to GET OUT!!! Calling her bitch n stuff.
Dolapo interfered calmly telling DJ TEE to relax and not shout at a lady like that. And he slapped Dolapo. Next thing I know, DJ TEE and his Boyz just started beating the poor boy up.
The lil sister Bolaji watched helplessly screaming at DJ TEE to stop. Begging him to stop. She kept screaming-
He is my brother!!!
DJ TEE turned and told his boyz to start beating her too. Tolani, the other brother tried to separate the whole fight…. Next thing, DJ TEE broke a bottle and approached DOLapo. Tolani stepped in to shield his brother and got stabbed in the face.”
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